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                Zhejiang Dingxin Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd.
                Zhejiang Dingxin Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd.
                Contact us
                Add.: 21#,Linxian Rd.,Baishuiyang Industrial
                Park, Linhai, Zhejiang, China.
                Contact: Mr.Chen
                P.C.: 317031
                Tel: +86-576-85883848
                Fax: +86-576-85881988

                Zhejiang Dingxin Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd.Zhejiang Dingxin Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd., founded in Oct. 1998, and located in Baishuiyang Industrial Park in the picturesque city of Linhai, is an export-oriented company integrating manufacture and art. Main products are iron handicraft and cane-work furniture. In 2003, the company was approved by ISO9000, and in 2007, it was honored as "Backbone Company" in Baishuiyang Industrial Park.
                In 2007, the company introduced high technologies and top technicians from overseas, and has been armed with advanced production equipments and processing techniques. In recent years, through unremitting efforts, we have substantially improved the quality of products, and have been highly praised by SGS、ITS、API以 and BV, enjoying high reputation home and abroad. At present, the company has fixed assets of over 80 million RMB, occupied factory building area of over 80mu. Products are mainly exported to Europe and the US, Africa and the Middle East. With good momentum for development, the company is enjoying sustainable, stable and sound growth.

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